The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHNA) service programs are formed from many already existing programs and resources in the local area. The benefit of using pre-existing assets is so we can react quickly and without major costs. Guests accepted in the network are eligible to receive the following services and assistance:

Host Churches:
We have a network of local churches that volunteer to house our guests for one week at a time four times a year. When families enter our program they spend the night at one of these churches. At 5:00 they return to the church for the evening. The volunteers at the host church that week feed the guests supper and usually have family time or a mentoring class in the evening. Next morning these volunteers feed the guests breakfast and send them off with a sack lunch.
Employment Searches:
After leaving the host church in the morning, the adults come to the Day Center. From there they are transported to job interviews, employment agencies, or wherever they need to be transported in their search for employment.

While in the program our guests and their children are provided with cost free transportation. Guests can be taken to and from various locations in conjunction with regaining their independence, while their children are taken to whichever school they were enrolled in prior to entering the program.

Day Care Services:
FPA operates a cost free Day Care Shelter for the children of our guests. Each morning the children who are not enrolled in school, or who are out of school, are transported to the Day Care center. Guests in transitional housing are still eligible for our day care services.

Personal Services:
During their stay we try to ensure we meet all the needs of our guests including medical assistance and dental care. Life skills assistance, Budget Management and Parenting Classes are also offered. Assistance will be provided as needed with resumes, GED classes and navigating the job market.

Transition to Independence:
After our guests find stable employment and successfully completes our 90-day program they move to one of our transitional homes, if one is available. When they move in we try to make sure they have everything they need. This includes furniture, linens, household items and transportation.

Transitional Housing:
After the adult of the family has found employment, successfully completes our 90-day program, and has a stable income the family moves to one of our transitional homes; where they can stay, rent free, for up to one year. During their stay in transitional housing they are responsible for all other expenses and required to save 30 percent of their income as well as look for permanent housing. Regular meetings with the case manager is also required for all guest who enter transitional housing.